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The BIG Quiz Results – 4th September 2018

The weather is cooling down but the BIG quiz is heating up!

Take a look at the results from last weeks quiz…

We were graced with the presence of:

The Boys, The Girls, Miss Galore, Home & Away Boys, Home & Away Girls, SNAFU, Carols Curley Wurleys, The Muppets & JoJos Crew!

[alert color=”orange” icon=”info”]31 people checked in to fight it out for the glory!!! ¬ ¬ [/alert]

Here is some of the slightly useless and useful knowledge we learned…

  • Walt Disney has won more Oscars than anyone else…
  • There are 5 imperial fluid ounces in a gill…
  • The Great Train Robbery took place in 1963…
  • Desperate Dan lives in Cactusville and eats cow pie…
  • “Voda” in Russian means water…
  • Londons largest meat market is Smithfield…
  • A seven-sided¬†polygon is called a heptagon…

The battle was hot and sweaty… but 9 teams clashed biros to be crowned the Tabla Quiz Champions… WoooHaaa!

[box title=”The Results“]
1st place: The Boys (87.5 points)
2nd place: Home & Away Boys  (77.5 points)
3rd place: The Girls (73.5 points)
4th place: SNAFU (69 points)
5th place: Home & Away Girls (65 points)
6th place: Carols Curley Wurleys (61 points)
7th place: Jojos Crew (60.5 points)
8th place: Miss Galore (57 points)
9th place: The Muppets (52.5 points)[/box]

The Boys take top spot and make it look easy!

Can they stay at the top next week? …

The Muppets return with a bang and scoop the lovely jubbly caramel vodka!


[column width=”one-half”]
[box title=”Bonus¬†Free Drink Winner!“]Nick[/box]
[column width=”one-half”]
[box title=”Pjs Shopping Bag Winner!“]???[/box]

Don’t be late next week! We are starting at 8.30pm sharp!

It was EPIC… and we will do it all again next Tuesday…

[box title=”Hall Of Fame“]
Record High Score: Girls (96 points)
Most Consecutive Wins: SNAFU (4 wins)
Record Low Score: No Voodoo (24.5 points)[/box]

Enjoy Pj’s BIG Quiz every Tuesday night @ 8.30pm!

[alert color=”red” icon=”info”]You got to be in it to win it!!! It’s the best Euro you can spend anywhere on a Tuesday!!![/alert]

A few photos from the quiz… If you see someone you know give it a like and a share!

[box title=”The Photos“]


[box title=”Rhinoceros beetle can carry 850 times its own bodyweight!“][/box]